Lips have become one of the trending procedures in the market! From sheer to full color, there is a technique suited for everyone.

Online Theory learning to be completed over the course of (4) weeks followed by a 3 Day on-site hands on practice on latex and live models.

Day 1: Review of pre-study Fundamental Manual, machine setup and parameters, overview of

  • Needle theory
  • Color theory
  • Lip anatomy
  • Latex Practice

Day 2: Lip Symmetry and mapping method,, asymmetry correction, proper stretching techniques.

  • Latex practice magnums/single
  • Instructor demo
  • Live student model

Day 3: Lip Blush (Single/Magnum Needle) - Student will practice lining and shading techniques on Latex and work on Live Model.

  • Latex practice magnums/single
  • Live student model

At the completion of this 3 Day course you will be able to perform:

  • Multiple Lip Blush Techniques - Sheer color to saturated looks
  • Single needle and Magnum Needle techniques
  • Correct Lip Shape mapping and depth of pigment
  • Various stretching techniques
  • Correct Needle & pigment selection for various skin types and scenarios
  • Color Correction
  • Lip Color Theory and how it affects your work
  • Machine setup and operation
  • Proper BBP Protocols
  • Popular Color formulas
  • Business practices & client management
  • Marketing/Networking/Affiliations information
  • Sourcing professional and ethical supplies
  • Lip anatomy, pre existing conditions, how far outside of the border can you tattoo


  • $4,400.00/group class
  • $7,950.00/ private 1 on 1 class

To Book Please Email:

Vjera at

Cell: 561-867-0057

Included in Tuition:

  • Complete training manual
  • Starter machine package (machine/power supply and cords)
  • Kit containing procedure essentials such as needle, pigments, measuring tools, pigment cups, aftercare creams and more
  • Client Forms
  • Continuous online support, Facebook Student Group, updates and tips
  • Certificate of Completion


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book the course and prior to starting the online theory portion. Balance is due a week before starting the on site 3 day class.

** Student is required to purchase, in addition to the above charges, the following book and pre study the chapters required prior to taking the class **NO EXCEPTIONS**. Fundamentals of Permanent Cosmetics

This manual is comprehensive and intended for self-study and explains all of the basic concepts of permanent cosmetics. It is imperative students study this manual before commencing the course.

Please make sure attendance is guaranteed. Once online class has started and the kit/machine is received no refunds will be granted **NO EXCEPTIONS**.

** Student must provide their own gloves **

Documents Required

1st Step

Current satisfactory BBP certification by the Florida Health Dept. is required. For approved courses please follow this link to the state’s website Tattoo Educational Materials

2nd Step after completing the Bloodborne Pathogen Course

A Florida Tattoo license in the municipality you will be taking the course in must be obtained prior to starting the hands on portion. Application for Tattoo Artist License

** Students will not be able to participate on the hands on portion of the course until all required documents are received by enrollment due date **


In the beginning it’s hard to go out on your own, you don’t have work to show, you are fresh out of a class and still doubt yourself every move you make,no place to work,no following... So how do you build?

This program allows you to confidently better your skills, helps you build a strong portfolio, and softens the learning curve increasing your chances of success.

You can choose to schedule as many supervised models as you need until you feel comfortable to venture on your own.


  • 4 - 6 models minimum
  • Different age groups
  • Different ethnicities/Fitzpatrick levels
    • ** This will provide you a diverse portfolio with different looks clients can resonate with.
  • (2) week wait time in between models for the first couple models so we can assess the models’ healing progress before moving to the next.


Student provides model

  • Fee: $300/2 hr session to be paid to trainer prior to supervised service date.
    • ** Please note the fee is non refundable, no shows will be billed for service and 48 hr rescheduling notice is required. No exceptions.

Avarté provides the model

  • Fee: collected by trainer


Avarté will provide you with photos/video of your apprenticeship session for your personal marketing/portfolio purposes.