Comparing In-Person and Online Permanent Makeup Training Programs

Thanks to the growing popularity of permanent makeup (PMU), it is now easier than ever to pursue a career as a professional PMU artist. One of the first things you need to do to get started is complete PMU artist training. Among the several ways to accomplish this, in-person and online PMU training programs are two of the most popular methods.

Which approach you choose generally depends on several factors. In this blog, we will compare these two types of training programs so you can decide which route best suits your permanent makeup artist journey

In-person permanent makeup training programs are more traditional.

Years ago, aspiring permanent makeup artists considered in-person PMU training programs their go-to option. These hands-on courses have been around longer, and they offer a more traditional learning experience than other types of training, with students attending classes in a brick-and-mortar setting.

If you have little to no PMU experience, it is imperative that you take in-person classes to learn the basics and how to tattoo. In these classes, you interact face-to-face with your instructors and fellow trainees. You receive immediate feedback during hands-on practice, and it’s usually easier to ask questions and receive clarification in real time.

Another benefit of in-person training has to do with networking. Face-to-face interactions facilitate building connections and relationships with your peers, instructors, and other professionals in the industry. Networking can open opportunities for collaboration, skill enhancement, and employment, which can be very helpful, especially when starting your career.

However, in-person training programs do have their downsides. They require you to attend classes at specific times and locations physically. This means you must travel to the training facility, which may not always be feasible, convenient, or affordable.

Online permanent makeup training programs offer flexibility.

Technological advancements have made online permanent makeup training programs a popular alternative to traditional in-person courses. These virtual programs allow you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. Thus, they can be particularly beneficial if you have other commitments, such as a full-time job or family responsibilities.

Online PMU training programs also tend to be more affordable than in-person courses. Tuition fees are usually lower, and you’re not required to travel to specific training facilities. Often, you also have more leeway regarding tools and materials, so you can save money while still receiving quality education from experienced instructors.

Furthermore, it’s possible to find online courses that are focused on specific trends, techniques, and procedures. For example, you can easily find a lip blush online course or PMU brows training online, which may not be readily available in traditional in-person classes.

On the downside, online programs are not suitable for beginner PMU artists. Online courses typically teach advanced techniques, and taking them when you have little to no experience can slow down your learning and may be dangerous to your clients. Ideally, you should learn the fundamentals through in-person classes before you learn advanced techniques through online programs.

Additionally, internet courses may not suit you if you have difficulty learning without in-person guidance or prefer face-to-face interactions. As with any online program, it’s essential to do thorough research and ensure that your chosen program is reputable and accredited.

Both types of programs have merits, so choose wisely.

Both in-person and online PMU training programs have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, your decision depends on your preferences and circumstances. Consider what factors you deem crucial and weigh them against what each type of program offers.

Most importantly, you should choose a program that gives you the education you need to produce outputs that satisfy your clients and help you establish a profitable career. At Avarte, for instance, we offer online courses on the latest PMU techniques and procedures delivered by experienced and certified PMU professionals. Start your journey as a PMU artist by signing up today!

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