Comparing Microblading and Machine PMU Techniques

Perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows can definitely accentuate your eyes and enhance your facial features. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with impeccable-looking brows. There are a ton of pencils, powders, gels, and other cosmetic products to help improve the appearance of eyebrows, but using these daily is not the easiest or most convenient. It can take minutes to draw on eyebrows that look more like twins than quarreling siblings on a bad day.

It’s a good thing there’s permanent makeup (PMU). There are several PMU procedures that people who want to enhance their eyebrows can turn to, and we’ll look at them in this post. In particular, we’ll compare microblading and machine-based eyebrow PMU techniques.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a manual PMU technique in which delicate hair-like strokes are etched into the brow area. Unlike eyebrow tattooing techniques that use a machine, microblading uses a tool with a blade composed of tiny needles. These needles are static and do not move up and down.

What are machine eyebrow PMU techniques?

In machine eyebrow PMU procedures like powder brow and ombre brow, techs use a tattoo machine to draw on the eyebrow area. This machine uses a needle cartridge that moves up and down rapidly, applying ink to the skin as it goes. Machine techniques have some variety in the finished look, usually depending on the procedure and the client’s desired result.

How do they differ?

Besides the tools used, microblading and machine PMU techniques differ in the following ways:

They require different training

Even if you’ve been a PMU artist for years, you must undergo microblading training to perform the procedure. The same is true if you are a microblading tech and want to venture into machine techniques. You’ll need to complete a PMU course where you’ll learn fundamental skills like tattooing using a machine, among other crucial lessons. 

Once you’ve completed the introductory course and want to expand your repertoire, you can take further courses, such as powder brow webinars or lip blush online training. You can also take supplementary learnings, such as a brow mapping course online, to enhance specific areas of your skill set. 

They might not use the same ink

The inks used in microblading and PMU are not the same as regular tattoo ink. These pigments are less concentrated, so their colors are usually less bold. They also have smaller particles and are formulated for the more delicate skin on the face. However, the same type of ink can’t always be used for both microblading and machine techniques either. This is because the consistency of some pigments used in microblading is too thick to be applied using a machine.

They might seem to fade differently

There is a common misconception that microbladed eyebrows fade faster than eyebrows enhanced with machine PMU techniques. The rate of fading often depends on the type and saturation of the ink used in the procedure. For example, organic inks exhibit luminosity, rapid implantation, and prolonged durability. Conversely, inorganic particles present a somewhat earthier tone, potentially necessitating multiple layers for optimal skin saturation, and they exhibit a comparatively shorter lifespan in the skin, offering enhanced flexibility.

Using the exact same type of pigment will usually result in the same rate of fading regardless of whether one’s brows are microbladed or tattooed on with a machine. Do note that because the hair strokes produced in microblading are usually finer and more delicate, they might appear to fade faster. But if the appropriate pigments and needle configurations are used for the client’s skin type, they might need touching up every one to three years.

Microblading and machine techniques are all popular PMU procedures, but the tools they require and the results they produce differ in several ways. Whatever you want to practice or specialize in, you must undergo the right training to ensure excellent outcomes and your client’s safety. 
However, because not all training programs are developed equally, take only high-quality PMU courses from reputable providers like Avarte. With Avarte, you will learn the latest PMU techniques and get advice on growing your career from PMU professionals with years of experience in the industry. Start learning today!

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