Honey B

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This was such an informative class. V is highly educated and thorough in her instruction. Even coming to the course as a tattoo artist she was able to teach me even more about skin, color theory, and needle sizes. I definitely got more from the course than I anticipated and her continued support after my course means so much

Adrienne Hebert

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After taking her brow and lip course I feel so confident to go out and work on clients without hesitation, she was so informative on clients, machines, needles, pigment and the overall pmu!!

Carolyn Cabanas

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I have been wanting to take a lip blushing course for a while and have been following Vjera’s work. So glad I finally did it! I love her technique using Magnum needles , it’s flawless. She’s very professional and full of knowledge. Thank you Vjera ❤️

Brenda Henne

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I took a Full fundamental course for PMU which includes brows, liner, & lips, With Vjera Zec @ Avarte! Vjera was absolutely amazing! Vjera was Knowledgeable, and professional! As a beginner I learned so much, and was able to complete the course with knowledge, and experience using a variety of needles from single needles to Mags! I completed this course with confidence that I WILL be successful with the knowledge & experience that I had while taking this course! Thank you, Vjera Zec! I would recommend Vjera Zec @ Avarte for anyone looking to begin a career, or extend their knowledge with PMU!!

Nina Shaum

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I took a lip blushing course with Vjera and learned so much!! She was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Very thorough about technique and machine information. I feel like I learned more in my one training with Vjera than I have all my other trainings. She's amazing and made me feel so confident about lip blushing and using mags! Definitely train with Vjera!!!